Where are Sony Cameras Manufactured ?

Where are Sony cameras manufactured ? The answer is Sony SLT cameras are made in Japan, Sony mirrorless cameras are made in Thailand and China, and Sony compact cameras are made in China (WuXi) (Except RX1 full frame high-end compact cameras, they are also made in Japan).

List of Sony camera code and manufacture countries:

  • a9 II: WW942052, a9: WW361847 – Made in Thailand
  • a7R IV: WW716189 – Made in Thailand
  • a7R III: WW940439, a7 III: WW541200 – Made in China
  • a7R II: WW325951, a7S II: WW898259, a7 II: WW328278 – Made in Thailand
  • a7R: WW328261, a7S: WW328274, a7: WW328262 – Made in Thailand
  • a6600: WW594724, a6500: WW213019, a6400: WW715296, a6300: WW906746, a6100: WW642826 – Made in Thailand
  • a99 II: WW067022 – Made in Japan
  • RX0: WW620081, RX0 II: WW151602 – Made in China
  • RX1R II : WW843944 – Made in Japan
  • RX10 IV: WW173777, RX10 III: WW411000, RX10 II: WW136512, RX10: WW808143 – Made in China
  • RX100 VII: WW246025, RX100 VI: WW771132, RX100 VA: WW213188, RX100 V: WW605351, RX100 IV: WW481040, RX100 III: WW808161 – Made in China