Sony Interview at NewSwitch: Market will be Double Even if 1% of Smartphone Photographers Interested in Mirrorless

Recently, NewSwitch has published an interview with Sony manager Yasuyuki Nagata talking about the future of Sony’s mirrorless camera system and market share.

Below are some highlights of this interview:

  • The increase in the high-end full frame mirrorless bodies will also lead to an increase in the purchase of lenses.
  • Sony want make dozens of lenses. They want to focus on the target and expand the user base.
  • The recently released Sony FE 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS Lens is more popular than expected.
  • Sony is concerned about the rise in material costs, but they will not compromise for miniaturization and weight reduction of the product.
  • Even if 1% of them take the idea of“ I want to have a camera ”, the market will be doubled.
  •  RX0 released in April can be used in environments where smartphones cannot be used.